Welcome to Trail City Bed and Breakfast and Coolidge, Kansas!

We’re glad you stopped by. Our goal is to provide you a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. We’re proud of our town, historic sites, history and attractions which all add up to make Coolidge Kansas a great vacation destination.

Whether your visit is for business or relaxation you will find our rooms and amenities just what you need for a peaceful nights rest. We can help you identify local attractions to showoff the area and provide you a full Coolidge visit.

If you enjoy bird watching – we have birds. If you enjoy fishing – we have fish. If you enjoy historic sites – we have them a plenty. If you enjoy Geocaching – then stay with us and get ready to have some fun!

Check out what folks have to say about Trail City Bed & Breakfast and enjoy some of our favorite photos.

2 Responses to Home

  • Bellann Raile says:

    My great grandfather was Stephen N. Canfield and he owned a hotel in Trail City that I have been told was later moved Coolidge. I was wondering if you knew who the owner of your building was when it was still in Trail City?

  • Marci Penner says:

    Staying at the Trail City B&B was such a comfortable experience. Great room with private bath and great breakfast, especially the homemade french toast covered with corn flake-coating, strawberries, powdered sugar! Lori knows when to visit, when to let you be and her passion for Coolidge helps you get to know this small town. I highly recommend a stay here!

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